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Circle maps the role and opportunities for Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in product and organisations as well as developing end-to-end solutions using proprietary Machine Learning APIs, built in-house from London, England.

Circle's AI Consultation is lead by AI Research Engineers building applications in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality.

Get in touch to discuss your AI Strategy and to find out more about applying intelligent automation across your business.

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Circle AI Research

Circle AI contributes research and occasionally publishes at AI Research [.com].

AI Research [.com] is a collection of research material on the subject of Artificial Intelligence.

Visit the AI Research website for articles, research papers and some helpful general information like developer resources and academic programs.


About Circle AI

Circle focuses on neuroscience-inspired, Conversational AI.

You can read a bit more about one of our projects here: Bots for Humanity

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Want to talk? Circle is located in London - right next to Liverpool St Station. Let's grab a coffee! There are many nice places nearby to sit and chat. Our work space is also quite nice with a scenic roof-top view of London's city skyline.


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